Choosing Diagnostic Health Services as your diagnostic imaging provider is an easy choice when you know how much we have to offer. In addition to our excellent diagnostic services, we also offer a wide range of value-added services we call IMAGEplusTM.

Marketing Support

Diagnostic Health Services can provide client facilities with materials for patients, press releases on services, speakers for community groups and medical staff meetings, and continuing education to staff.


Diagnostic Health Services has on-staff personnel charged with remaining current on changes in regulations and reimbursement for both Part A and Part B Medicare regulations. Our personnel are available for "charge master" review and recommendations on changes to enhance reimbursement as allowed by regulations.

Joint Commission Compliance

Diagnostic Health Services assists client facilities in attaining or retaining compliance with JCAHO accreditation standards for the imaging services provided by Diagnostic Health Services. Diagnostic Health Services is committed to complimenting our customers' diligent efforts to maintain JHACO standards through continuing education, documentation, and the insistence upon highly skilled and trained technologists.

HIPAA Compliant Services

Diagnostic Health Services has taken a proactive approach in complying with HIPAA, starting with an evaluation of our processes prior to the adoption of the final rule on HIPAA confidentiality rules. Diagnostic Health Services is actively changing the processes to meet federal and state HIPAA requirements well ahead of the deadlines imposed by the regulations. Diagnostic Health Services can assure all client facilities services provided and patient information collected will only be used, stored, transmitted and disseminated in strict accordance with federal HIPAA guidelines.

Facility Staff Education

Diagnostic Health Services will provide, without additional charge, staff in-service education to client facilities as requested. This service is designed to help client staff better understand the services provided, patient needs, and preparations required.

Regulatory Assistance

Diagnostic Health Services personnel are current on the changing regulations and are active in working with state and federal agencies to insure regulatory impact is as small as possible. In addition, Diagnostic Health Services staff is available to help client facilities meet new regulations and monitor compliance.

Physician Education Support

Diagnostic Health Services provides educational training for client medical staff through local or regional educational seminars designed to enhance the knowledge of the physicians and allow them to receive the training at reduced or no cost.


Diagnostic Health Services can assist client facilities that meet accreditation standards in obtaining accreditation. This is a process that usually requires data collection for a minimum of one year, continuing education training, and a minimum three year contract.


The employees and staff at Diagnostic Health Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Diagnostic Health Services, the usual hassles of vacation, sick days, education coverage for personnel, equipment downtime and other situations that might interrupt patient care, are minimized or completely eliminated.

Health Physics Support

Diagnostic Health Services provides support for all Nuclear Medicine customers to include licensing, training, amendments, inspection attendance and internal reviews designed to meet or exceed industry standards for nuclear medicine services and insure compliance with governmental regulations.

Trained Staff

Diagnostic Health Services hires only the finest, most qualified applicants, and continues training them on the latest technological and procedural advancements.


Diagnostic Health Services has developed a proprietary recruiting, review and evaluation process to determine specific skill levels of potential technologists. Our program results in less than 1% rejection of our technologists by our clients.

CME Training

Diagnostic Health Services sponsors, financially supports, and has developed CME training for its personnel. All personnel are required to maintain current knowledge and proficiency in their specialties as part of their continued employment.