About Us: FAQ

Diagnostic Health Services is one of the largest, most established providers of outsourced imaging services in the country. Specializing in ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT and diagnostic cardiac monitoring, Diagnostic Health Services is committed to delivering better service to hospitals and clinics with our highly-skilled and experienced technologists, quality equipment, and our exclusive IMAGEplusTM services. Everything we do is designed to give you a better image.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use Diagnostic Health Services when I can do it myself?

Partnering with Diagnostic Health Services enables customers to provide high-tech imaging services with variable operating expenses without committing precious capital dollars. The depth of Diagnostic Health Services's skilled technologists affords customers confidence that their staffing needs will always be met.

Won't it cost me more money?

Cost is not the same thing as price or value. Realistically, the cost actually goes down when all factors of the cost equation are taken into consideration including staffing, employee benefits, supplies, equipment, maintenance contracts, repair, downtime, recruiting, training and turnover. The result is a better overall value.

How can I do this without losing control of my department?

The control of the department or service always rests with our client. Diagnostic Health Services provides technical services, however, our personnel operate under the same policies as client staff. The work product of the technologist is reviewed and standards are set by your medical staff and interpreting physicians.

What kind of techs are you going to be sending?

Diagnostic Health Services employs only registered or registry eligible technologists with proven experience. Technologists are only employed by Diagnostic Health Services after a lengthy interview and qualifications examination process.

Can I select the technologists?

Our customers are always consulted on the placement of personnel. You have the ability to interview before they are placed and can request a replacement at any time.

Don't mobile services have inferior equipment and personnel?

Mobile, shared or outsourced services are exactly the same as services provided in the facility by facility personnel and equipment. The key to quality is selecting the correct provider. Diagnostic Health Services has been in the field for more than 15 years and has a senior management staff with average experience in the field of 16 years. Our technical staff has an average experience of more than 12 years. Our experience and commitment to quality can be relied on to provide the highest quality service available anywhere.

How will I comply with Joint Commission Standards/Medicine Standards?

Diagnostic Health Services complies with all the usual governmental regulatory and accrediting agencies such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. In fact, our own contracts require us to meet those standards as well as others that may pertain to different services or states. Diagnostic Health Services has staff members who have served on various committees, boards and organizations to develop many of the standards in use.

How long is the contract?

Contract lengths vary depending on the level of commitment from both the customer and Diagnostic Health Services. The typical length is three years, much shorter than the time usually required to amortize or lease one piece of equipment.

How does the billing work?

Billing is a simple matter. In the normal arrangement, all patient services are completed and the facility is billed once per month for all patients within that month. Normal credit terms are NET 30. Alternative billing arrangements are available based on the type of customer and local billing requirements.

What if there are changes in my department during the term of the contract?

Change is the norm in healthcare. The ability to react is not. Diagnostic Health Services is prepared to respond appropriately to your changing needs. With services from Diagnostic Health Services, you have flexibility to change equipment, personnel staffing levels, days of services, types of services and all without additional capital or personnel investment.